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Gemini Values every customer. Gemini spends enough time on every customer request and understands their unique problems. Gemini's Helpdesk is an information and assistance resource that troubleshoots problems with computers and similar products.


Gemini's helpdesk is a main entry point to help services through this desk. We provide telephone support to Gemini's range of products and services helpdesk escalate issues to other service areas internal or external as appropriate. There is a well defined escalation policy being practice with Gemini. Ownerships on activities is clearly understood by the helpdesk and it provides rapid initial response and triage along with thoughtful matching of difficult cases to appropriate expertise. Our helpdesk services is an extended arm for your company. Gemini helpdesk houses a 24x7 online trouble ticket system to attend to the need of customers.


Helpdesk operates on clearly defined service level agreements with different classes of customers. Helpdesk is proud of an excellent customer satisfaction rating of 90-90%.


Levels of escalation


Level One : Level One is the initial level for all incidents. Helpdesk facility is available 24x7x365 and therefore represents a role the contact at this level has the ability to open a trouble ticket, inform the ticket number to customer to call the field engineers / service engineers and to escalate the ticket to higher management as required.

Level Two : Level Two represent the lead engineer / the team leader. Escalation to this level is done when level one interaction is failed to resolved an issue. The ownership of the ticket is transferred to the level two lead.

Level Three : Level Three represents the senior management with authority. Level three represents actions that fall outside the standard operating policies. The ownership of the ticket is transferred to the senior management individual concerned. Escalation to level three is appropriate in cases where level one and level two was unsuccessful in resolving an operational issue.


Points of Contact


Gemini Helpdesk is staffed by a team of dedicated manpower operation 24x7. Point of contact information is available for each escalation level telephone numbers and email address are provided for each level. Information regarding appropriate protocols methods of reliable contact whose reach level is provided by Gemini which includes primary and alternate email address time windows as appropriate. Such information is provided to the client at the time of executing the service level agreements.


Gemini provides helpdesk facility to all their customers via +91 44-24988241 / 24998307 numbers and through e-mail: helpdesk@gcl.in


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