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Management & RIMS

Gemini help your organization's internal staff to improve core competencies to outsource the day to day juggle with IT challenges. Gemini maintain tighter control of core business critical systems. Gemini will be proactive in management of IT infrastructure and outsource the routine reactive demands.


Gemini's global network operation centers (NOCs) are the cornerstone of our service delivery architecture. These state-of-the-art facilities highlight Gemini’s rigorous standards of full redundancy, high availability, and uncompromising security. Our comprehensive range of remote infrastructure management services give our customers the ability to reduce costs and improve service levels. Customers can implement a complete remote service desk solution or simply start with remote monitoring for a portion of their network, a select site, or a group of servers. Additional remote infrastructure management services can easily be added as needs change. Gemini’s remote infrastructure management solutions are based on a sophisticated architecture that is open and scalable and which enables the integration of vendor or customer-supplied tools – eliminating a task that hinders most companies. As a result, we provide clients with a consistent, consolidated management view of their environment.


By delivering remote infrastructure management services from our NOC, we have helped many global enterprises cut down their costs of infrastructure management and gain access to expert skills. Each NOC supports multiple monitoring consoles that proactively manage remote client environments and over 20,000 applications, databases, or servers, as well as 30,000 SNMP devices. These monitoring consoles are scalable and replicable to ensure faster service deployment and swifter problem resolution for even the largest customer.


Potential Benefits:

  • Lowers operational costs, typically by at least 20%, with minimal up-front costs
  • Includes comprehensive monitoring and management solutions for server, storage, network and middleware
  • Enables you to focus on your core business and leave the IT management to certified and experienced subject matter experts
  • Offers both agent and agent-less approaches depending on your requirements for advanced management function
  • Improves infrastructure availability with 24x7 proactive monitoring
  • Provides real-time reports, automated notifications and alerts
  • Gives you access to the right combination of specialized remote competency centers and on-site capabilities


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