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Gemini frequently evaluate and select a security service in order to maintain and improve their overall security program and enterprise architecture. Gemini's security services range from security policy development to intrusion detection support.


Gemini is responsible for selecting, implementing, and managing security services for an organization and also carefully evaluate their busines security options before selecting resources that will be entrusted to meet their particular security program requirements.

The factors to be considered when selecting, implementing, and managing security services include: the type of service arrangement; service provider qualifications, operational requirements and capabilities, experience, and viability; trustworthiness of service provider employees; and the service provider’s capability to deliver adequate protection for the organization systems, applications, and information. These considerations will apply to every service depending on the size, type, complexity, cost, and criticality of the services being considered and the specific needs of the organization implementing or contracting for the services.


Audit Services:
  • ISO 27001 Security Audits
  • Systems Audit
  • Black Box Audit
  • Network Audit
  • Storage Audit


Compliance Audits:
  • Compliance Audit (27001)
  • Compliance Audit (BS25999)
  • Compliance Audit (HIPAA)
  • Compliance Audit (ISO 20000)


Security Architecture Services:

In today’s complex and dynamic environment, security flaws in data centre security architecture designs can place data confidentially and integrity at a risk. Gemini’s security architecture services are designed to build enterprise security roadmap in synchronized manner, help building the enterprise wide security data centre, architecture and propose security architecture of two enterprises in case of merger and uniting.


Customer Benefits:


Gemini's Security Architecture Services can be rendered by an organization to harvest the following benefits:

  • Help organization plan, create and design for future security requirements in a synched manner.
  • Designs a rich and scalable security architecture of enterprise and data centre using risk avoidance approach.
  • Security architecture services are based on the industry best practices like ISO, CIS compliance requirements.
  • Create holistic approach in embedding security controls in present enterprise infrastructure.
  • Design secure data center to help manage business critical data and assets.
  • Re-design security posture of an organization after M&A to cater to the changed security scenario and to meet regulatory controls.


Implementation and Maintenance Services:

To ensure network integrity & availability, Gemini offers customers implementation, training, support and maintenance services, complementing our innovative product offering. These services are provided by expert field engineers and customer support engineers, all of whom have vast experience with varied and complex networks.

Gemini's global presence ensures familiarity with any network type, as well as fast response time, helping you meet – and surpass – your business goals.


Our implementation services include:

  • Full project management and field activity services
  • Pre-implementation design and consulting
  • Site survey
  • Installation
  • On the-job training for your staff
  • Acceptance and commissioning
  • Supervision and implementation of software and hardware upgrades
  • Multi-product integration of the offered solution into the customer system

Our Maintenance services include:


Maintaining your network is a top priority for Gemini. Our customer support team operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to quickly repair any network breakdown and ensure minimal out-of-service periods, while our Experts team focuses on understanding every technological and technical aspect of your network, ensuring fast and accurate troubleshooting and recovery time.


Vulnerability Assessment:

Gemini offer Tailored Security Evaluations to meet any level of client requirements. Compliance with regulations, proliferation of potential threats, and a growing remote and mobile workforce are challenging organizations to discover vulnerabilities and take measures to manage them.


Gemini's security audit services provide insights into as many application or operating system weaknesses as possible. To properly identify a threat you must first identify what the threat actually is. Vulnerability can be defined as: a weakness in a mechanism that threatens the confidentiality, integrity or availability of an asset. This definition provides the very core of many of the compliance regulations and mandates in existence today and into the future.

Our vulnerability assessment process allows us to not only identify vulnerabilities but also discern the actual threats vulnerabilities pose, assess their potential impact and associated risk and assist in remediation efforts. Using a combination of experience and technologies the vulnerability assessment pinpoints specific vulnerabilities and identifies underlying problems.


The analysis integrates detailed vulnerability and countermeasure information for:

  • Session Security (Authentication and Authorization)
  • Session management
  • Data integrity and confidentiality
  • Privacy concerns
  • Information leakage
  • Fundamental Design Security
  • HTML Source Management
  • Input Validation
  • SQL Injection
  • Cross Site Scripting
  • Token Analysis (Cookies, Custom Session IDs, etc.)


Penetration Testing:

A security threat exists when there are the opportunity, motivation,and technical means to attack: the when, why, and how. Gemini deals only with the “how” dimension of threats. Penetration testing is a form of stress testing, which exposes weaknesses or flaws in the trusted computing base (TCB). It has been cynically noted that security functional testing demonstrates the security controls for the “good guys,” while penetration testing demonstrates the security controls for the “bad guys.”


Of all the security assurance methods — including layered design, proof of correctness, and software engineering environments (SEE) — only penetration testing is holistic in its flaw assessment. It finds flaws in all the TCB evidence: policy, specification, architecture, assumptions, initial conditions, implementation, software, hardware, human interfaces, configuration control, operation, product distribution, and documentation. It is a valued assurance assessment tool.


This penetration testing describes a comprehensive method for conducting penetration analysis, of which penetration testing is but one aspect. The parts include background motivation, test planning, testing, and the analysis of the test results. The “Background” section reviews the reference monitor concept of policy, mechanism, and assurance that forms the basis of the TCB. Penetration testing, a pseudo-enemy attack, is one method of evaluating the security strength of the reference monitor TCB.


Benefits of Penetration Testing:


Proactive security measures such as security testing can provide focus and point out areas for enhancement that can improve efficiency and reduce downtime. Penetration testing can eradicate the guesswork involved in defending your network by providing the information required to efficiently and effectively isolate and prioritize vulnerabilities.


The following benefits includes:

  • Proof of Issue
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Security Breach
  • Meeting Regulatory/Audit requirements
  • Calculating Return on Investment(ROI)


Managed Security Services - Onsite/Offshore:

Collaborate with Gemini to create a security strategy that will address the specific needs of your organization; ensure data and infrastructure security, integrity and confidentiality; promote increased responsiveness through defined service levels; and provide the flexibility required in today’s dynamic environments.


Managed security service market is today at its own demand and growing steadily and sharply. But before jumping into this market, service providers and consumers both should delve deeper to understand the multi direction of this market and to address that this article explains different aspects of this market and its future.


Key offerings of Gemini:

  • Security Device Monitoring and Management
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Security Information and Event Management
  • User Provisioning and Management


Client Challenges:

  • Increasingly complex and dynamic security threats
  • Lack of expertise to build systems specific to the enterprise
  • Difficulty in meeting the highest security standards
  • Lack of communication/correlation between multiple IT security tools and their consoles
  • Cost of manual security management and monitoring
  • Time and expense required to prove compliance with regulations
  • Expense of vendor-specific point products



  • Ensure that a team with expertise. monitor and manage your Security Infrastructure. thereby maximizing performance .
  • Continuous protection against new vulnerabilities through the use of state-of-the-art solutions.
  • Minimized costs, removing the need for expensive in-house support.
  • Sify 24x7 Incident Prevention & Response Center - around the clock confidence.
  • Allows you to refocus your resources on core business objective.
  • Services would be in line with Services Level Agreement.


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